A way for laymen to enter the world of crypto assets

Colombia is growing by leaps and bounds in the use of applied technology in all sectors. The world of cryptocurrencies is not exotic or unknown to the local market, on the contrary, more and more people are interacting, informing themselves and acquiring this type of digital currency. Unsurprisingly, the country is ranked 11th among the countries in the world that use cryptocurrencies the most, according to the Global Crypto Adoption Index 2021 prepared by Chainalysis. However, Colombia’s position in 2020 was even more privileged. Until then, the country was in the top 10 of the 154 countries with the most use of digital currencies.

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This panorama shows that with increasing relevance, cryptos are gaining a place in conversations around the world and growing in tandem with digital businesses. But, the possibility of theft the Pirates are still high. This, coupled with the country’s legal uncertainty regarding these matters due to a lack of regulation and simple information for users, is the reason why cryptocurrencies are not reaching more into people’s finances. In fact, a CoinsPaid survey shows that 65.4% of Colombians are willing to use virtual currencies as a means of payment in physical stores, but the security situation still does not inspire as much confidence.

Taking into account the constraints that exist in the market and with the intention of bringing crypto assets to the general public, Freedom was born, a fintech that seeks to facilitate access to digital markets for this type of asset. The development, presented in the form of a mobile application, allows all types of citizens to access the many digital markets that exist through rated indices and according to risk profiles.

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Andres Jiménez, CEO and co-founder of the company, explains that the tool shows people all the information they need to understand the dynamics of these companies and manage the tokens. “We want to be an ally for anyone who is walking, who wants to enter the world of crypto and doesn’t know how to do it. We are also at your side with technology experts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who must respond to these issues. Not having so much knowledge about buying and managing. »

Secure access to crypto assets

Fintech is working to improve consumer trust from an educational perspective block chain, with industry-leading representatives and with valuable, authentic and versatile solutions. It focuses its value proposition on trusting a transaction through a number of variables. all sound block chain It is transparent and accessible to any user. The platform tokenizes groups of different crypto assets and offers them as a complete, distributed, and easy-to-purchase option. People can, from their mobile phones, buy an entire portfolio of crypto assets with pesos or cryptocurrencies.

“There are two types of digital asset products you can use with Freedome: a cryptocurrency fund, Freedom Top Cryptocurrency (FRTC), a package of 14+ cryptos with different distributions that are rebalanced monthly, and a denominator in dollars. Savings fund. and Gold, Freedom Protection Fund (FRPF), a set of dollars or gold that helps save money, fight inflation, and protect potential investments in the market. The app gives you access to a collection of expert-curated crypto assets. Lets buy the full package.

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Jimenez assured that the minimum amount with which an individual can access the platform is 100 USD. With its use, users do not have to worry about issues related to: How to create accounts ExchangesWhat type of cryptocurrency to buy, when to sell or get any type of cryptocurrency, and they also need to be aware of local payment transactions.

“All the traditional barriers to entry into the cryptocurrency world, which are difficult for users to understand and manage, we take on ourselves and keep everything within reach and for people to understand. We take individual experience and make it easy to use and focus on creating a secure interface”

Freedom started operating in December 2021, and while it hasn’t been on the market for a year yet, it already has 170 active users and average monthly growth of 20%. Its revenue already stands at US$10,000 and plans to reach US$25,000 by the end of 2022. The fintech’s sales target for 2023 is US$180,000 and 8 000 users.

Andres Jiménez also revealed that the company is currently in an investment round in which it is looking to raise $1.5 million. The platform, 100% Colombian in development, also operates in Spain, Australia, Italy, France, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and Mexico. It aims to reinvent itself in Latin America in the months to come.

Finally, the platform is developing a token that will aggregate multiple stakes in tokenized real estate projects, so that with a single purchase, users can diversify the acquisition of stakes in real estate projects from direct cryptocurrencies. This feature would allow the general public to be exposed to low to medium risk assets, such as real estate. This will also allow project owners or developers to have more cash.

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