Bandai Namco data, assets and possibly games held for ransom by hackers

Bandai Namco has reportedly been hit by the ALPHV collective hack which allegedly holds the publisher’s data for ransom.


“ALPHV ransomware group (also known as BlackCat ransomware group) claims to have ransom Bandai Namco,” malware watchdog vx-underground says on Twitter. The group is known to steal corporate data and sell it or spread it over the internet if their demands are not met.

Bandai Namco has yet to confirm or deny the hack, and alleged leaks of new games have started rolling out. The leaks, which include likely sequels like Tekken 8, Dragonball Xenoverse 3, and a new Armored Core game, turned out to be wrong. The Tekken 8 logo, for example, was used in a fan video (see below) a few days before the leaks were released and appeared on r/LeaksandRumors 5 months ago.

It would seem that it was the US offices of Bandai Namco that were targeted by ALPHV.

According to the ransomware watchdog DarkFeedby Bandai Namco bandai namco america The URL was listed as “victim domain” in the latest hack.

This website refers to the BANDAI NAMCO Amusement America Inc subsidiary of Bandai Namco which, according to a 2021 Integrated Report of the company, is linked to “sale of amusement machines.”

Conversely, it is Bandai Namco Holdings USA Inc. which is the principal company of the group which, according to the integrated report, sits as “regional headquarters in the Americas, providing support for the implementation of strategies by the operating companies, etc.

Bandai Namco data, assets and possibly games held for ransom by hackers 1 |

Bandai Namco is one of the most lucrative video game publishers on the planet and is one of Japan’s leading gaming giants with nearly $6.5 billion in revenue generated last year from its myriad games video, manga/anime, toys and entertainment.

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