Crypto-NFT – The next revolution in crypto assets

It’s high time to ignore all worthless NFTs and cryptocurrencies and get something that really makes sense and has a backup. Enter, the Wall Street Bitcoin.

VIRGINIA, USA, May 19, 2022 / — Wall Street Bitcoin is a crypto token backed by the performance of the original Bitcoin.

Unlike 21 million Bitcoins, only 5,250,000 The Wall Street Bitcoin tokens have been created. Wall Street’s bitcoin price gains are 25% of bitcoin’s actual dollar gain. Thus, a $100 increase in the original Bitcoin price would increase the Wall Street Bitcoin price by $25. This is achieved through an innovative smart contract-based API that also handles falling prices when Bitcoin falls. Starting at a price of $0 in January 2021, Wall Street Bitcoin is now priced at over $7,000+.

A groundbreaking Stop Loss mechanism, calculated using Wall Street’s all-time Bitcoin price, is built into the smart contract. This prevents the price of the token from falling below a certain level. With the current stop loss price set at $3429, The Wall Street Bitcoin price will never drop below.

Wall Street Bitcoin cannot be purchased or transferred to a wallet, or traded on an exchange. They are specifically created as collateral to back Wall Street’s Bitcoin crypto-NFTs. As a token-backed NFT with Stop Loss mechanism, Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFTs are fundamentally crash-proof.

Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFTs are extremely rare since only 5,250,000 tokens have been created and each NFT has unique serial numbers. And only 4,000,000 will be available for sale. At launch, The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT can be purchased through the OnlyTrust platform which also hosts all The Wall Street Bitcoin in its Vault.

With the current state of the market and the extreme volatility of existing cryptocurrencies, our NFT is a safety net for all experts and new investors in the crypto market. We can’t think of any reason for anyone not to get involved in this project and buy The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT

Says one of the founders of The Wall Street Bitcoin.

As an introductory sale, The Wall Street Bitcoin Crypto-NFT will be available at an incredible offer price of just $49, allowing anyone to get an NFT priced at $7,000+ and join the growing community. from The Wall Street Bitcoin.

To get in line early, you can join the waitlist at and be notified when the sale is live.

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Wall Street Bitcoin LLC
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The world’s first Crypto-NFT

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