Energisa SA: Completion of the 1st closing of Vision Assets


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ENERGISA S.A. (“Energized” or “Companythere“)in addition to the market notice published by the Company on January 28, 2022, informs its shareholders and the market in general that:

On April 8, 2022, the parties to the Private Equity subscription and purchase-sale agreement entered into on January 28, 2022 by Alsol Energias Renováveis ​​SA (“Alsol”), a subsidiary, and Vision Sistemas Ltda., Júlio De Paula Kierluff, Weberton Luiz

Goncalves Eller and Rodrigo Madeira Marques (“Accord”), confirmed fulfillment of the conditions precedent established to complete the acquisition of the group of companies holding photovoltaic power plants under development, namely Renesolar Engenharia Elétrica Ltda., Flowsolar Engenharia Elétrica Ltda. and Carbonsolar

Engenharia Electrica Ltda. (“Companies”), including the unrestricted endorsement by the

Brazilian Competition Authority (CADE), pursuant to the final and definitive certificate issued on March 30, 2022 to Order 316/2022, published in the Official Journal of the Union on March 14, 2022, relating to the concentration act 08700.001084/ 2022-37.

Thus, also on this date, the parties performed the required acts and completed the acquisition by Alsol of the entire share capital of the Companies. Following this acquisition, through Alsol, the Energisa Group adds the possibility of being responsible for the operation of up to 33 (thirty-three) solar energy distributed generation plants, which can add up to to 110.2 MWp to Alsol’s portfolio once the respective businesses are completed. .

The acquisition price paid by Alsol for the Companies is R$6,942,618.76 (six million nine hundred and forty-two thousand six hundred and eighteen reais and seventy-six cents).

The completion of the other projects subject to the agreement, concerning other business groups (as previously indicated, SPE Vision Solar I Ltda., Vision Francisco Sá SPE SA, Vision Itaobim SPE SA, UFV Vision IV Curvelo SA, SPE Vision V Almenara Ltda., UFV Vision VI Arcos 2.5 MW SPE Ltda., SPE UFV Vision VII Mateus Leme 2.4 MW Ltda. and Vision VIII Iguatama 2.4 MW SPE Ltda.) remains subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions suspensive measures specifically applicable to these companies.

The Company will keep its shareholders and the market informed of any proprogress and developments against other stages of the deal transactions.

Energisa SA – MATRIZ

Catalogs, April 11, 2022.

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