Investing in stocks: why it’s never too late to open a trading and demat account

You can start your investment journey the moment you think you will achieve your financial goals by investing your money in multiple asset classes.

By Palka A Chopra, Senior Vice President, Master Capital Services

Financial planning and wealth building have always been of critical concern. The question that comes up often is, “When is the right time to invest?” The answer to this question is “Always”. You can start your investment journey the moment you think you will achieve your financial goals by investing your money in multiple asset classes.

The market opens its doors to everyone

People live for years without realizing the power of investing in the stock market. Many times they miss opportunities tainted with the myth that one must be highly equipped with technical knowledge of the stock markets to master the art of investing in stocks. What needs to be understood, however, is that the stock market is for everyone, including those who do not have the knowledge to analyze the markets and assess the fundamentals of company stocks.

Gone are the days when investing was all about making your money grow during your youth in order to have a secure future in old age. Right now, whether you are young or old, student or professional, retired or working, successful entrepreneur or high paying corporate worker, if you have never thought about investing in the stock market but are keen to do so now then you should start your journey right away by opening a Trading & Demat account! Technology has also helped give the concept of online trading a boost. Investment has become accessible to everyone and this process has also been streamlined through digitization. However, the first step in taking the investment route is to have an account with a well-established brokerage house.

The need for a Trading & Demat account

Brokerages offer trading and demat account services. Having a trading account is an essential tool for transparently investing in the stock market. It helps to buy and sell stocks in the market. A Demat account, on the other hand, acts as a custodian that keeps shares in digital or electronic form.

Tips for being resilient when your investment is in crisis

Advantages of a Trading and Demat account:

1. Reduced risk

The risk of damage, theft or theft is eliminated when titles are stored online and not in physical form. Dematerialized securities offer more secure transactions because they are in electronic format.

2. Low fees

Now, investors benefit from one of the main advantages of Trading & Demat accounts, namely the resulting profitability. No physical title is involved in the trading process today. Thus, minimal fees are applicable on online transactions.

3. Hassle-free process

The whole process of opening a trading and demat account has never been so seamless before. Now transactions are much more efficient and faster as the account can now be opened in a few simple steps via a simplified verification process to ensure maximum security.

4. Distribute your investment

A Trading and Demat account allows the investment to be spread over a wide range of asset classes such as stocks, debt, corporate bonds, etc. without having to visit multiple distributors or investment platforms for the same.

Thus, makes the investment process much simpler when it comes to preparing a diversified portfolio.


Due to the ignorance of the opportunities that present themselves by investing in the stock markets, people refrain from investing in them. Nonetheless, it is an effective way to grow wealth over a period of time. And as the saying goes, “it’s never too late” to start investing in the stock market. Open your trading and Demat account and start your investment planning now.

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