Net long-term fundraising reaches a record € 677bn

According to the report, global long-term funds recorded net inflows of € 677bn, up € 4bn compared to € 673bn in inflows in Q2 2021.

The United States recorded the highest net inflows (€ 208bn), followed by Europe (€ 206bn) and the Asia-Pacific region (€ 160bn).

Bond funds attracted the largest net sales (€ 287bn), with strong demand in the United States (€ 130bn), followed by Europe (€ 67bn) and China (€ 53bn) .

Net sales of equity funds also remained strong, with total sales reaching 195 billion euros), the United States (72 billion euros), Europe (57 billion euros) and Japan (26 billion euros) with the highest net sales.

Multi-asset funds recorded € 163 billion in total net inflows, up from € 119 billion in the second quarter of 2021, with Europe accounting for the majority of global net sales (€ 75 billion), followed by China (32 billion euros) and Canada (20 billion euros).

At the same time, net sales of money market funds (MMFs) continued to decline. According to the report, money market funds recorded net inflows of 18 billion euros, compared to 14 billion euros in the second quarter of 2021.

The United States saw its net sales of MMFs drop to € 7 billion from € 32 billion in the second quarter of 2021. In addition, China, which has traditionally been a strong market for MMFs, also recorded relatively low net inflows (12 billion euros).

Bernard Delbecque, Senior Director of Economics and Research said: “Global net sales of equity, bond and multi-asset investment funds remained solid in the third quarter of 2021, against a backdrop of continued investor confidence despite greater volatility in the stock markets.

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