Police ask localities to suspend assets of Trinh Van Quyet | Straight

Police raid the headquarters of the FLC group (Photo: VNA)

This decision was intended to serve the investigation into Trinh Van Quyet’s allegation of stock market manipulation.

The Ministry of Public Security requested the People’s Committee of Provinces and Cities to examine and provide information and documents on the assets related to real estate and shares belonging to Trinh Van Quyet and his wife Le Thi Ngoc Diep, as well as her two younger sisters Trinh Thi Thuy Nga and Trinh Thi Minh Hue.

Previously, Quyet and her two sisters were detained.

The ministry also suggests that the provinces temporarily suspend transactions involving the transfer, purchase, sale, donation or mortgage of assets.

The investigation police agency on April 8 sent a document to eight banks asking them to provide information to serve the investigation of Trinh Van Quyet, chairman of the joint-stock company of FLC Group, for stock market manipulation.

Banks were asked to cooperate in providing account registration documents, account statements, savings accounts, loans and transaction documents for Quyet and his two younger sisters.

On March 29, the investigative police agency filed criminal charges against Quyet and arrested him for stock market manipulation in FLC Group, BOS Securities JSC and related companies.

Nga, deputy managing director of BOS Securities JSC, and Hue, accountant of FLC Group JSC, were arrested a few days later.

On Jan. 10, Quyet sold 74.8 million FLC shares without any prior report or notification as required by regulations, sparking public concern and throwing the stock market into chaos.

Vietnam’s National Securities Commission immediately decided to freeze Quyet’s securities accounts to prevent him from committing further illegal acts.


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