Rs 270 Cr Row: Which of Sivaji Ganesan’s assets are mired in an inheritance case?

In the complaint, Santhi Narayanasamy and Rajvi Govindarajan accused their brothers of not informing them of the sale of one of the properties. They claimed that after their father’s death, Ramkumar and Prabhu told them that the properties would be “consolidated, maintained and developed” and the value would be shared equally among the heirs.

Under this pretext, the sons are said to have persuaded their sisters to sign a document entitled “General Power of Attorney” along with blank papers. The girls “were led to believe that the said papers and documents would be used for the consolidation and development of the properties of Sivaji Ganesan,” the complaint reads.

In November 2018, Ramkumar and Prabhu reportedly approached their sisters stating that they had taken out loans by pledging Royapettah properties in the name of M/S Sivaji Productions. According to the complaint, the girls allege their brothers went out “with a scheme” and coerced them into settling the property in favor of Prabhu who in turn passed it on to his son Vikram Prabhu in December 2018, the complaint reads.

The daughters further alleged in the complaint that another property was sold on October 30, 2019 for Rs 75,00,000, to allegedly settle the debts of Ganesan’s sons. The girls also alleged that properties in Ramapuram were sold for several crores of rupees without their knowledge.

The quintet has contacted sons and daughters and has yet to hear back. This article will be updated to include their response if they come back to The quintet.

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