The original GNARBOX team is gone, the assets in the hands of the investors

GNARBOX is no longer operated by the people who founded and managed it for the past few years. According to Tim Feess, founder and former CEO of the company, the original management team is no longer with the company and has not been since November 2021.

Statement from the former CEO of GNARBOX

In a statement to PetaPixel, Tim Feess – the original founder of GNARBOX and its former CEO – explains the current situation of the company.

Unfortunately, the former management team is no longer with the company and has not been since 05/11/2021. This includes myself, the co-founders and the employees. We left the company under investor control upon departure and interested parties should contact them for more information.

All attempts to contact current GNARBOX ownership went unanswered, and due to ongoing legal issues regarding the company, Feess was unable to comment further or explain why he and the other GNARBOX employees are no longer doing so. part of the business.

What happened to GNARBOX?

From the end of November, some GNARBOX customers started noticing that they could not reach customer support. In early December, many took to Twitter to voice their concerns, only to find that they were not alone in having problems. The company’s social media accounts were also silent, with no updates since early November 2021.

At the end of December, the GNARBOX app – essential for supporting key GNARBOX features – disappeared from Apple’s App Store, leaving many people stranded with a product that has lost most of its functionality.

GNARBOX 2.0 backup device on a table with camera equipment
GNARBOX 2.0, introduced in 2018.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the company behind the GNARBOX product was Mygnar, Inc., which is incorporated in Delaware but also had a branch in Santa Monica, California, where its headquarters were once located. An online research of the company shows that its status changed from “Active” to “Sentenced” around October 2021.

After news of the app’s demise became more widely known, the app reappeared on Apple’s App Store on January 4, but the company – or investors who currently control the company’s communications company – still have not responded to PetaPixel’s repeated requests for comments.

The current state of GNARBOX

While purely speculative, it’s likely that GNARBOX’s current status and the reason for his team’s departure is due to financial issues. The situation Feess describes paints a picture where investors have taken control of all remaining assets of GNARBOX in an attempt to recoup outstanding losses through the sale of remaining inventory, patents, trademarks and ownership. intellectual.

As noted in PetaPixel’s original cover, any new potential customer of GNARBOX should be aware of the situation in the company and consider that it may not continue to support its products in the future. So far, support has been restored, but it’s unclear for how long. Since few or none of the former employees continue to work with the company, updates and support for GNARBOX products will most likely be limited or nonexistent.

GNARBOX’s continued silence on the matter is also disturbing and does not inspire much confidence in the future of the company or the product.

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