Tupper Lake marina added to assets of wealthy investor

The Blue Jay campsite marina. Photo courtesy of https://www.tupperlake.com/boating/blue-jay-marina

Stanley Rumbough now has several lakeside properties

By James M. Odato

A man acquiring properties around Lake Tupper has added a well-known marina and campground near the site of a major bankrupt residential complex.

Stanley H. Rumbough-affiliated SHR Ventures LLC paid $2.5 million for the Blue Jay marina and campground on the shore of Big Tupper Lake, according to interviews and public records.

The March 25 under-the-radar trade was between the Rumbough Entity and Frank Scotti of Asbury Park, NJ. The Scotti family has run Blue Jay since 1946, its website says.

Scotti said he would not discuss the deal.

His real estate agents and buyers would only confirm the sale. Some buildings on the site have recently been removed.

SHR Ventures contact Simos Dimas of Dimas Law Group in Manhattan said he could not discuss plans at this time.


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Rumbough bought the mortgage on a large piece of land near Big Tupper, the former downhill ski resort, with the idea of ​​resurrecting part of the once-grand plan to build several high-end residences, a hotel and a resort . The project, known as the Adirondack Club and Resort, fell through after developers secured critical state permits but not enough funding.

Rumbough decided to foreclose on the property, but that was blocked due to pandemic-related policies and lien holders demanding payment, according to local officials.

Development plans for the Blue Jay site near Highway 30 are unclear. The marina has been used by boaters for decades and was the only fuel stop on Lake Tupper.

In 2019, Rumbough purchased nearby Camp Pine Cove for $1.5 million from Thomas Lawson, one of the proposed developers of the Adirondack Club and Resort.

Rumbough, of Greenwich, Connecticut, occasionally flies into the 11-acre camp along Simon Pond by seaplane.

He is the heir to the Wall Street, cereal and soap fortunes as well as the grandson of EF Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post, whose great Adirondack camp, Topridge, on Upper St. Regis Lake he visited. , in his childhood.

Rumbough became interested in finding ways to complete part of the club and resort project that had been billed as a $500 million development on 6,400 acres for up to 700 condos, vacation homes and large camps. luxury, plus a 60-room hotel and a revitalized Big Tupper, golf course and marina.

Rumbough’s representatives have said in the past that it is interested in acquiring much of the proposed project site area, but Big Tupper is not.

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