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Yvel launches INFS to associate tokens with its physical assets

    • Israeli jewelry brand Yvel introduces INFS to spread its wings in the blockchain world.
    • INFS will provide digital security and physical representation of the held merchandise.
    • Yvel presents 5,000 IFNS tokens in 24-karat gold decorated with stones at a price of $10,000.

Israel-based fine jewelry brand Yvel expands into the blockchain world with the launch of Independent Non-Fungible Security (INFS), a trading platform that fuses blockchain with real, customizable collateral in the form of stones jewels decorated with 24 carat gold tokens. .

Earlier this week, Yvel launched its “Genesis Phase”, the pre-sale stage of these 2,500 24-karat gold tokens. These tokens allow accredited investors to earn up to 25% of the profits made by the platform and burn the token to their specifications.

Keeping in mind the volatility of traditional NFTs and cryptocurrencies, Yvel explores INFS which provides digital security by connecting blockchain technology with a layer of hardware protection. On the INFS trading platform, any company can issue INFS with customizable collateral, offering rewards in the form of products, experiences, subscription services or profit sharing.

As the first guarantor of INFS and its respective platform, Yvel will manufacture the assets of INFS: 5,000 24-karat gold tokens set with precious stones, of which 2,500 have already been launched. These tokens are priced at $10,000.

INFS provides protection and physical representation in the form of a valuable asset. Investors and customers of a company can hold INFS to earn profits, trade with other buyers, or exchange the coin for $10,000 worth of Yvel jewelry.

Speaking at the launch of INFS, CEO of Yvel, Eliaz Gabay, mentioned that INFS embodies the intrinsic values ​​of Yvel and is a step towards the future of the high-end industry. jewelry. Gabay added:

INFS is our vision to evolve the way blockchain financial products can serve investors in any business or project

Thanks to the introduction of this project, Yvel joins the movement of rapid adoption of blockchain technology, as some of the biggest brands in the luxury industry, including Gucci, Balmain, Lacoste, TAG Heuer and Balenciaga, seem to l have done in recent days.

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